eSignature in Europe - where we do stand in Europe

V. Tilman and A. Esposito drafted a report on eSignature and interoperaibility 10 years after the publication of the European Directive. This paper gives a state of the art and addresses 6 recommendations.

Creating Trust in Electronic Commerce PDF

Enterprises want to conduct business using innovative techniques while keeping total control of the confidentiality, user authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation of transactions, and legitimate availability of services and information. Chambers of Commerce which are part of ChamberSign  provide end users (companies) with the technical infrastructure required to achieve this objective, and link it to an increasing number of eBusiness and eGovernment applications which are available outside the national borders.


Digital certificates provided by Chambers of Commerce can be used for a variety of applications: securing email exchange, e-Signature, custom documents, storage and encryption, e-Invoice, e-Procurement…


A few figures:

  • Chambers of Commerce provide digital certificates to businesses in 14 European countries.
  • Over 3.5 million digital certificates have been granted by Chambers of Commerce in Europe.
  • Companies can save up to 75 % of their invoicing costs by switching to electronic invoicing.